Dublin Airport Business ParkGreat care has been taken in the selection of the building materials for this development which are, for the most part, entirely recyclable. For instance, the stone, aluminium and glass used in the facades are all demountable and either reusable or recyclable. The Concrete structure along with the complementary steel supports, will all contribute to a recycling programme.


The buildings at Dublin Airport Business Park have a greater level of energy efficiency than heretofore achieved in Ireland for similar building types. The factors that have contributed to this include, the high performance glazing used throughout, increased levels of insulation, the orientation of the buildings and the compact design of the building footprint. These factors along with the selection of high-efficiency environmental systems contribute to very positive and economic operating costs.


The buildings incorporate a ‘green roof’ system, which whilst providing a habitat for flora and fauna is also highly insulating and at the same time reduces the amount of stormwater run-off from the site. This, when considered along with the permeable paving and the underground water attenuation is a major factor in maintaining a sustainable programme for development reducing the impact of the development on local waterways and the municipal drainage system of this Project.